Board Care

Boards need to be reconditioned with board butter every 2-3 weeks. For heavy daily use, recondition once a week or as often as desired.

Step 1:


Wash your cutting board with soap and warm water, including the underside and edges. Not washing the entire board actually ends up hurting it. When moisture reacts with grain, it swells, and if the swelling isn’t uniform, it can warp the board. A rocking cutting board on the counter top usually means that only one side was washed. Never put your cutting board in the dishwasher.

Step 2:


Stand your board up vertically so that it dries evenly on both sides.

Step 3:


Apply a thin layer of board butter to the entire board, front and back. This will keep the wood from drying out.

Step 4:


Allow the wax to penetrate your board and wait 10-15 minutes.

Step 5:


Use a 100% cotton cloth to polish and buff your board.